Oiet in Slovenia


Medieval music ensemble


Created by Paloma Gutiérrez del Arroyo and Raphaële Soumagnas, Oiet explores the vocal repertoire of the Middle Ages, bringing the beauty of this music to the modern audience. The name of the ensemble is an Occitan word meaning “hear!”

Oiet specialises in historically informed performances of music written between the ixth and the xvth centuries, supported by a deep knowledge of the repertoires, the notation, the counterpoint and the rules of improvising germane to each different style of medieval polyphony. The ensemble works on the interpretation of the music directly from the facsimiles of the sources, in their original notation. The strength of the ensemble stems from its skilled directors, who build their programmes on a very solid musicological basis. Its energy also comes from the interpretative cohesion of the singers, who studied and performed together for several years, bringing the ideal unity of voice to enhance the power of this repertoire. The complicity which springs from those years of common work gives an ideal flexibility for the rendition of this music, be it measured or unmeasured. The number of singers involved is variable according to the needs of the different programmes.

Created in 2012, the ensemble is currently based in Paris. Oiet has already performed in France and abroad (Slovenia, Spain) and was chosen for an artistic residence in the “Cité de la Voix” in Vézelay (Burgundy, France), where a first demo- recording has been made which is available on the website of the French label Cordes et Âmes.